Rights To Quibi’s “Die Hart” Now For Sale On eBay

The listing has received interest from what is likely to be just two bidders willing to pay up to two figures for the show

Quibi Holdings LLC, the now defunct streaming service that launched just six months ago, has started the process of liquidating its assets as part of the firm’s bankruptcy proceedings. After Hulu, NBC, and Comcast all declined to bid on any of Quibi’s content, the company has decided to list their shows, called “chapters”, on eBay to solicit bids from private individuals.

“Our team is confident that someone will be interested in acquiring the rights to season one of Die Hart,” said the Quibi CEO to Business Outsider reporters, adding that there had to be someone out there, one person, that could appreciate an action-packed story about Kevin Hart beating the odds and becoming a rich and famous actor.

After further research, reporters discovered that this was in fact the second time the listing was placed on eBay. The first time the rights were listed on the platform, it received zero bids. “The first time we listed the show, it wasn’t advertised on eBay correctly. We had put a minimum offer price of $1,000,000, which evidently was too high for any serious bidders,” said a spokesperson for the restructuring firm AlixPartners LLP hired to assist with the asset liquidation.

“We got a lowball offer of 75 cents from one bidder in a private message, and at that point we advised Quibi to reconsider the minimum price they’d accept for this particular asset,” said another partner at the firm.

At press time, the eBay listing with just 36 hours remaining, appeared to have one serious bidder willing to pay $11.50. After countless hours of research and contacting those close to the bidding process, Business Outsider reporters learned that this anonymous bidder was in fact Kevin Hart.

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