Apple’s New Ankle Watch Will Disrupt The House Arrest Economy

Cupertino CA—This past Tuesday, thousands of Apple fans watched from home as the company announced its new product line of smart ankle monitors. The product is called the iCarcerate, an Apple watch that binds to your ankle and connects to your iHome device. Pairing with the iHome will allow the users to receive electric shock notifications should they attempt to remove the bracelet, leave the iHome’s perimeter, or get a text message. Along with the shock features, the iCarcerate will come with the standard prison grade monitoring and tracking technology expected from an Apple product. 

Apple is the first mover in the emerging “cell-share” economy. The forecasted cell-share economy is just as it sounds: similar to how Uber turned every car into a taxi cab, iOS apps of the future will allow you to convert rooms in your house into private jail cells. “The more dangerous the criminals, the more you get paid. There’s a vision for it, the law just isn’t there yet,” said the iCarcerate’s project manager.

In an interview with Business Outsider, Tim Cook explained the role of Apple in the future of prison tech. “Private prisons are heavily stigmatized but the public generally feels positive about the idea of prisoning from home,” says Tim. The CEO spent time in the discussion to talk about the work Apple is doing to help the criminal justice system modernize. “We believe in prison reform, but first we need a prison rebrand.” Tim mentioned off-hand several planned integrated features like a geolocation-based ‘man-hunt’ mode and allowing users to change Siri’s voice to that of their parole officers. 

As questions of ethics arose our interview was cut short, Tim pulled up his pant leg that was emitting red light. He said, “I gotta go take a pee test.”

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