Jack Ma Sues Funko Pop Figurines for Likeness of His Head

Jack Ma and Iron Man Funko Pop figurine side by side

HANGZHOU, CHINA—Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, is suing Funko Pop figurines claiming that all the figurines’ head shapes bare an uncanny resemblance to his own. As part of an investigation led by Ma’s legal team, Funko Pop hard drives obtained revealed extra-wide panoramic photos of Jack Ma’s head. The evidence suggests Funko was using the photos to capture the scale of Ma’s head not available on standard ratio photographs.

“Funko refuses to be threatened by this baseless lawsuit. The shape of our toys were designed to be exaggerations of the human face, but Jack Ma’s head is simply one of life’s mysteries,” said the General Counsel for Funko. “Furthermore, the manufacturing cost of a Jack Ma Pop would be enormous.”

 At press time, Jack Ma was seen holding up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure of the villain ‘Krang’, saying this is the one figurine that initially set off his suspicions.

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