New Postmates Feature Lets You Decide If Delivery Driver Gets Healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In an effort to compete in the increasingly crowded food delivery software market, Uber-owned Postmates is testing out a new feature that lets customers decide whether or not the delivery driver will get basic healthcare needs for that week.

“What we’re trying to do here at Postmates, especially since we joined the Uber family, is put as much choice into the consumer’s hands as possible,” said Sarah King, the Director of Delivery Operations at the company. “I’m so excited to announce a new option for our customers where they can decide, in addition to their usual tip, if they would like to help fund a Postmate’s medical appointment. Right now, they can choose from an annual physical or a trip to the dentist.”

The new offering appears to be working, with many customers giving positive reviews of the feature.

“It feels really, really good to be able to tip my Postmate an extra $1200 so that they can afford their dialysis for the week,” said Jorge Alvarez, one regular user of Postmates, adding that he also enjoys withholding healthcare to those drivers who have a bad attitude or “look healthy enough”.

Postmates delivery workers were concerned at first, but have recently been warming up to the idea of getting so-called “work-as-you-go healthcare” from their gig work.

“What I like the most about working at Postmates is the flexibility. I can make my own schedule, my own hours, and also decide when I’d like to get my annual physical- assuming my customers are nice enough to help me out with that,” said an anonymous Postmate from the Los Angeles area.

At press time, competitor DoorDash was reportedly looking into creating a similar feature where customers could decide whether delivery driver’s children would be able to receive chemotherapy or other life-saving medical operations.

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