Real News That Apple Didn’t Pay Us To Write: AirPods Are At Their Lowest Price Ever

CUPERTINO, CA—In what is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone in the market for new earbuds, Apple has recently decreased the price of their AirPods to their lowest price ever- but the deal probably won’t be around for long.

Before diving more into this story, Business Outsider would like to reiterate that is does not have, and has never previously had, a business relationship with Apple or any of its affiliates or partners. As the world authority on business and technology journalism, our journalism team is responsible for objectively deciding what the most hard-hitting stories of the day are, and articulating these stories in a digestible, actionable way to you, the reader. Today, that happened to be the steep price drop in Apple’s new, comfortable, wireless AirPods. While this piece sounds like an advertisement, the Editor in Chief of Business Outsider wanted to clarify in this article that it is not a paid ad being disguised as a news story.

“We would never, ever, not in a million years, take money from companies that want us to write a watered down infotainment product-placement piece. That to me, marks the end of fair, honest journalism and presents a massive moral hazard to the public good. Unlike many other news media organizations today, we have integrity. You know what goes great with journalistic integrity? Apple AirPods, and you can get them at a bottom-barrel price. Seriously, I just bought them and I have no idea how Apple is evening turning a profit selling them at this low a price. It’s quite literally a steal. I almost feel bad about it- almost. You should really get your hands on them before this deal goes away,” said our Editor in Chief.

“I love the new AirPods because I work all day, and the long battery life really helps me get through my day feeling great and energized,” said a Business Outsider reporter who recently purchased the AirPods after the massive price drop, adding that the wireless capability of the AirPods made it an absolute breeze to move around and work without any annoying cords getting in the way.

At press time, the Chief Editor of Business Outsider was seen accepting a gift, a new 2020 Lexus LC, from the marketing team at Apple, for an entirely unrelated business venture which is totally separate from his relationship with this publication.

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