Trump Shows Appreciation For Fallen Soldiers By Signing Arlington Cemetery Gravestones

Arlington, Virginia—Donald Trump on Monday solemnly showed his appreciation for our nation’s fallen service members by personally signing each gravestone at Arlington National Cemetery.

It was a somber and mournful scene as President Trump made his way through the cemetery writing small, yet powerful notes such as “Thanks” and “Good job” on over 400,000 resting sites of our nation’s lost warriors. Below each note, he signed his name in black Sharpie: an immortal tribute to the venerated war-dead.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox to amplify the president’s powerful message. “President Trump simply will not rest until every service member personally feels his respect. I have seen the President on the phone with gold star families telling them what he and he alone has done for the military budget. And as if that’s not enough, next week he will be sending signed Make America Great Again flags to Purple Heart recipients as a token of respect for their sacrifice,” she said.

At press time, Trump was brainstorming ideas for a mural of himself hugging an American flag to be painted at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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