ISIS Takes Credit For Zoom Bombing

Pictured: A snapshot of the Zoom conference call just as the attack started

KANSAS CITY, MI— ISIS is claiming responsibility for the horrific Zoom bombing of an online all-women’s book, wine, and charcuterie club. During the call, the Kansas-based group was exposed to random noises, pornographic material, and Rick Astley’s hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

“It was horrible! I had no idea what was going on. At first I thought someone’s camera wasn’t working. But then they started making doorbell sounds and screaming! I didn’t have a password on the room because it’s just easier for everyone to get in. It takes us about 20 minutes to get started anyway,” said Teresa Thurgol, creator of the social group.

The Department of Homeland Security has launched a full-scale investigation into the catastrophic event which rocked the otherwise quiet suburb just outside of Kansas City. DHS has yet to release any specific details publicly regarding the attack.

“While earlier intelligence suggested that ISIS had major setbacks due to COVID-19, it is apparent they have implemented effective work from home policies,” stated a visibly shaken General James C. McConville in a press conference outside of Ms. Thurgol’s home.

This is the fifth reported attack this year. Analysts at the FBI have speculated that ISIS is specifically targeting Zoom calls hosted by conservative women around or above the age of 45.

To protect yourself from ISIS attacks online, be sure to lock your video conferencing rooms with a password that is not easy to guess. Learn about the safety and privacy settings for your video conferencing service online, because it can happen to you.

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