We Broke Into John Legend And Chrissy Tiegen’s $24M Beverly Hills Home: It’s Gorgeous

BEVERLY HILLS, CA— Cookbook author Chrissy Teigen and musician John Legend have listed their mansion on the market for $23.9M. Given that real estate agents are prone to dressing up properties before they’re sold, Business Outsider journalists decided to trespass and break into the house while the family was on vacation to get an honest look at the estate. Our conclusion: it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The entry to the home has dramatic 33-foot ceilings and a spiral staircase. Although it was clouded by the sawdust particles from the handsaws our journalists used to cut through the insulated, eggshell white walls, under natural lighting it would surely look vibrant and refreshing.

Teigen is a celebrity chef with two cookbooks and her own line of culinary tools. Although one of our journalists knocked over some fifty artisan pots, pans, and other tools hanging above the kitchen island while trying to get the right angle for our winter magazine estate series, the layout of the kitchen perfectly blends productivity, creativity, and family.

“Look, you hear the price tag of $24M and you think: ‘wow, how can a Beverly Hills property under 9,000 square feet list for $24M in this market?'” said one of our real estate analysts.

“But then you take a look around with your flashlight, hammer, and through your ski mask you can see the detail in the molding on the walls, the study – apparently with books and cigars included, and the pool, and now you think: ‘you know, $24M is the right ballpark starting point for this house’,” she continued.

At press time, our journalists were seen sprinting away from John Legend’s pack of pit bulls.

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