Hustle Win: Gary Vaynerchuck Steals TVs To Sell On eBay

Photo Credit: JD Lasica

In a move sure to inspire his millions of social media followers, Gary Vaynerchuck Monday spent the afternoon stealing household appliances and posting them on eBay.

“Man, that guy really never stops the hustle,” said Brett Danish, a GaryVee super-fan.

“I mean think of the margins – he invests nothing and gets at least $300 on each TV. He’s an absolute trailblazer.”

This is just the latest in a series of scrappy ideas that GaryVee has come up with for small scale entrepreneurs to make what he calls “easy money”. After a short stint of yanking necklaces off the necks of pedestrians and pickpocketing for wallets, Gary seems to have found a new passion for breaking into people’s homes and stealing their televisions, laptops, and anything else he can get his hands on.

“Look at this Samsung! 4k, 110 inches, this thing is gonna sell for $650 at least,” said Mr. Vaynerchuck in a recent vlog while two armed, masked men kept the house’s residents subdued.

“Man I really don’t get why more people aren’t out here doing this, If I was serious about it, I’d be making $200K a year easily, and that’s working one day a week! Hey, Mike grab the metal detector, I bet there’s some jewelry hidden in that dresser.”

In his latest blog, Mr. Vaynerchuck was apparently buying an apartment through his father’s wine business that he intended to burn down as part of a new strategy he calls “insurance arbitrage”.

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