Google, Apple Make Joint Statement After Banning Fortnite: “Our App Stores Are Fair And Level Playing Fields. We Both Charge 30% To Game Developers”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA— Fortnite, a wildly popular shooter created by Epic Games, has been removed from the Google and Apple stores for attempting to offer an alternative way for players conduct in-app purchases and bypass the company’s fees. Hours after the game was banned, Google and Apple have made a joint statement defending their decision:

“Our rules are fair. They have not changed since the creation of our stores. On day one, we set a level playing field for all app developers. We came together and jointly decided to each charge a 30% fee on all in-app transactions. That way, no matter if developers choose to offer their application on Google or Apple, they’ll still be paying 30% regardless. That’s what a level playing field is all about,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai in the press release.

“If you don’t like our rules, you can go sell your game at GameStop or another one of our extremely fierce competitors,” the executives continued in unison.

“Fortnite is on the wrong side of this argument. If they want to try and dodge our totally fair and reasonable fee of 30% per transaction, they can go start their own app store and offer it there. Yeah, let’s see how that goes,” they continued.

At press time, Fortnite had filed a lawsuit against Apple in California for banning the game.

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the lawsuit: “We’ll fight for the small, puny, common developer by winning this lawsuit definitively, and look forward to a future where every developer continues to be able to offer their apps on our store and pay either ourselves or Google 30% on our fair, level, and highly competitive playing field.”

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