This Year’s Rankings For The World’s University Top Ten Top Ten University Rankings In The World

With fall semester around the corner, Business Outsider is proud to release our highly anticipated 2020 rankings of the top university rankings. The only top ten university rankings rankings that is trusted worldwide by students who are considering university-ranked universities, professors seeking tenures at the highest university rankings universities, and industry experts who are looking for rankings of university rankings, this year’s rankings provides great insight into the shifting balance of power in global higher university rankings on their ability to measure the powers that are globally impacting the shifting balance in global insight.

10. Center for World University Rankings (CUWR) (↑ 12)

Coming in at number ten is the Center for World University Rankings. Great list, but they make you click twice to get there. Sure the anticipation is great when you get to the homepage. But who likes to get their time wasted while searching for university rankings? Not us.

9. Round University Rankings ( 6)

Using numbers to rank universities can be confusing and hard to understand. That’s why Round University Rankings made things more consumable by separating the ranks into leagues. Diamond League, Gold League, Silver League, Bronze League, and Copper League can help you distinguish great universities from terrible ones.

8. The Best Schools (↓ 4)

The Best Schools is the eighth-best ranking of the best schools. The reason they’re on the list is because they have a “best jobs to make money” list, and who doesn’t want to make money?

7. The World University Rankings ( 10)

Up from tenth place, you’re going to need to wait a few minutes for this list to download. But once you see it- HOLY SHIT. What a list. That’s why it’s seventh on our list.

6. U.S. News (↓ 3)

You might be surprised to see that U.S. News was knocked down to sixth from third this year. So are we. That’s because they started putting the annual tuition costs on their rankings. We get it, the market price that we’ll pay for a degree is $50,000 per year. But what a total bummer. Colleges are supposed to be about fun and U.S. News is making it boring.

5. Forbes ( 8)

If you know what size school you want to attend, Forbes is the university ranking list for you. Forbes lets you sort best schools by size. Awesome!

4. Best College Reviews ( 5)

Best College Reviews does it year after year. Why do you go to college? To make money. If anyone knows about this, it’s Best College Reviews. Best College Reviews advertises all the elite for-profit universities like Strayer, Capella, and Walden. The Best.

3. Academic Rankings of World Universities (↓ 1)

Academic Rankings of World Universities university rankings continues to grow in size, however. Not by that much. Last year they were at 985 universities. This year, a measly 1000. Fifteen more universities is not impressing anyone. That’s why they dropped from the number one spot on our list.

2. (↑ 29382)

Woah! This one might be a huge surprise to you. coming in at two? That’s above The Best Schools and World University Rankings! Are you serious, Business Outsider? Yes, we are. has the highest number of surprising universities listed on their rankings. UC Berkeley came in at four., are you kidding us? Great job! That is a huge surprise if you’ve ever met anyone that went there.

Number 1: Top Universities ( 2)

The highest ranked university rankings list of 2020 is Top Universities. They literally rose above all other rankings lists by achieving the top ranked search result in Google for “top ranked universities”. They’ve also got really cool pictures of the universities. Congratulations!

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