Jim Cramer’s Tip on Parenthood: “Shoot and Kill Your Son’s Dog in Front of Him to Teach Him About Supply and Demand”

Jim Cramer in a recent interview gave his tips on parenthood

NEW YORK CITY— Finance mogul and Mad Money host Jim Cramer shared a new type of wisdom last week in an interview with Forbes. Among other questions about the coronavirus pandemic and the economy, he gave the rare advice on his experience as a father of two.

“It’s hard for kids to understand the concept of supply and demand. But when you shoot and kill their dog while they watch, they get the picture pretty quickly. Basically, when they watch their dog’s lifeless body collapse to the ground, there’s an instant decrease in supply. And even someone new to finance can understand that. But demand can be harder to grasp. That’s where your child’s emotional pain comes in. The devastating loss in their heart will create a strong demand in the form of wanting Sparky back. But Sparky’s not coming back, and that’s just how the market works. And it’s better they learn early,” said Jim to the interviewer.

After a follow-up question from Forbes, Jim clarified that he likes to keep his parenting strategies simple.

“It’s really a simple piece of advice, there’s no mystery to it. Get your son, get the dog, pull out your gun, and shoot it in the face,” he replied casually.

Jim followed up by giving a “buy” recommendation for Home Depot. He predicts the demand for shovels, disinfectants, and trash bags (dog-sized) will grow substantially in the following months.

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