Elon Musk: “There Will Be At Least 100,000 Teslas Leaving The Solar System By 2025”

HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA— In a Tweet this morning, Elon Musk has given his aerospace company SpaceX a new goal.

“We’ve gotten one Tesla going outside the solar system so far, which is a pretty good start,” he said.

“And if you can do something once, you can do it 100,000 times. Which we’re going to do by 2025.”

The aerospace community was divided over whether or not this is a reasonable goal for the company, which has had many successful missions thus far.

“A Tesla weighs about 2,200 kilograms, and the payload availability on a Saturn V rocket is 48,600 kilograms, and 2,200 times 100,000 equals 22,00,00,000. Which is like, a lot bigger than 48,600. So this demonstrably impossible,” one aerospace enthusiast noted on Twitter.

Controversy grew as much of the community remained optimistic about the prospects of sending a fleet of low emission cars into the vacuum of space.

“Your math is wrong. Elon is obviously going to use more than one rocket to make this happen. If he even uses just 453 rockets, then 453 times 48,600 equals 22,015,800, which is OBVIOUSLY bigger than 22,000,000. Btw, what’s wrong with human progress? Are you jealous of Elon because he works harder than you? And he doesn’t even need 453 rockets because SpaceX rockets are reusable,” another user reasoned.

At press time, he clarified the goal parameters in follow-up tweet: “100,000 is a lot of cars, but it’s going to happen if all goals well. May only end up getting 13 or 14, but 100,000 is the goal.”

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