Elon Musk Says His Twitter DMs Are Mostly for Swapping Memes, Jokes, Ideas for Busting Unions

Elon Musk at TED 2017 discussing his fake social media accounts where he trades internet memes, jokes, and tactics for dismantling unions that his employees at Tesla have previously attempted to form

BEL AIR, CALIFORNIA— After being one of the high-profile Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) accounts that were hacked in a Bitcoin scam earlier this month, Elon Musk in a recent interview has said that he would not be concerned if his direct messages were made public.

He continued by stating that the majority of his messages are harmless meme-swapping and tactics for crushing his employee’s selfish attempts to organize a “dumb stupid socialists stupidity club”.

“I literally couldn’t care less about my DM’s getting leaked, actually I think people would be seriously impressed with the quality of the memes that I swap with my best best friends,” he said confidently in his interview with the New York Times.

“There’s some stuff I send can be very important. Like, once in while I’ll land on an especially rare dickbutt meme… there’s a gif of dickbutt that I saw recently that’s really funny. What dickbutt is doing is basically, he has a hat on and… anyway you’d need to see it because it’s great. Most of the time though, it’s your run-of-the-mill topical memes and lithium mining secrets.”

At press time, Musk was overheard screaming at someone the phone, presumably an executive at Twitter: “If anyone finds about the toupee, you’ll never hear about it because you’ll be dead. You’ll be choking in space. And your eyes will pop out of your head. And that will kill you. Scientifically that will kill you. I know that because I’m good at science. I know a lot of science. Got it?”

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