Short Attention Span? Here’s Three Books Packed with Life Lessons You’ll Probably Never Read

Pictured: A “library”- a place people went to read books before the internet

These days it appears that everyone has the attention span of, well, let’s just say you probably checked your phone or Facebook in the middle of reading this sentence. Accordingly, Business Outsider analysts compiled a list of five classic American novels packed that you will definitely never read cover to cover. They’re packed to the brim with marvelous landscapes, fantastic imaginary worlds, and universal life lessons that definitely would’ve made you a much better person.

Let’s dive right in to see what you’re missing out on!

East of Eden (John Steinbeck)

Unless you read it in high school, this 608-page book and the messages hidden within will remain an ethereal mystery to you for eternity. East of Eden covers a number of themes including love, guilt, and freedom. There’s probably nothing that will convince you to read anything more than two pages long, so let’s not waste any time trying to discuss a book that might as well have been erased from reality in 2006 when Buzzfeed was created.

Love in the Time of Cholera (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Love in the Time of Cholera is a timeless novel highlighting the perennial characteristics of love and romance in the face of brutal warfare and disease. Regaining relevance today in a world burdened by a new pandemic, this book has lessons that would’ve helped people cope and heal through this challenging time.

Business Outsider analysts got bored of reading books to write this list, and so the third book has been omitted from this list as they resigned to the comfort of their various social media applications.

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