“Holy shit, they’re actually watching that one we made with the tigers?” whispers Netflix Executive

“Tiger King” has quickly evolved into an international sensation amidst a global pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home at watch whatever pops up first on their televisions

LOS ANGELES— After a recent earnings call with the Netflix executive management team, many of the board members were reportedly in shock that even a single person had tuned in to watch “the one with the tigers”, a reference to Netflix’s latest show Tiger King.

Tiger King has shaped the zeitgeist of the pandemic, captivating audiences across a nation that couldn’t find anything better to do than watch a documentary about a group of self-described big cat lovers.

“I am very pleased to report that we have experienced a 13% increase in subscribers in the last fiscal quarter,” said Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings.

“Our data analysts have attributed much of this growth due to new interest in the release of a recent Netflix documentary series, King of the Tig- excuse me, Tiger King,” he continued.

At press time, the executives could be seen laughing over a celebratory glass of wine at the fact that they could quite literally get away with anything and still impress the American public.

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