Johns Hopkins University puts Total Virus Cases Between 10 and 100,000,000

A woman shops at a New York City grocery store during the world’s worst pandemic in a century

The total number of Coronavirus cases globally is now between 10 and 100,000,000, according to new data from John Hopkins University.

“As you know, generating these estimates is very challenging because testing for the virus is not being done uniformly across the world,” said Joseph Margolick, a professor of medicine and virology at the university.

“Some places like the United States are not testing nearly as much as Northern Europe. So, that’s why we have to make our estimate ranges to make sure we can safely put out figures without being blamed for being wrong. These are numbers that hospitals are using to order ventilators, so it’s important that we get them right.”

At press time, a hospital director could be seen on the phone with suppliers ordering between 10 and 100,000,000 tests for the virus.

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