Jealous of Coronavirus’ Media Coverage, Elon Musk Sends Yet Another Tesla to Space

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule was used to fly the second Tesla slingshotting out of Earth’s orbit and into deep space.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA— With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus grinding the global economy to a screeching halt and threatening to infect and kill millions across the world, Elon Musk has grown increasingly jealous of the disease’s vice grip on the media in recent weeks. Ever the showman, Musk has directed his company SpaceX to launch another Tesla into space in an effort to redirect the media’s attention away from the disease and back towards his companies.

“I know this disease is really bad and all, and it’s killed some old people or whatever, but you guys know that I just sent another fucking car into space? How crazy is that? I mean I’m running out of ideas here, that’s about the most incredible thing the human race has ever done and you’re totally ignoring it over what is basically just a more active flu season” said Musk to Business Outsider reporters.

The stunt had mixed reception from Musk’s audience, which constantly increases their expectations after each stunt is completed.

“To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with SpaceX’s move to send another car into space,” said Jayden Thompson, a master’s student of engineering at University of California, Los Angeles.

“Like, it was pretty badass the first time they did it, but now it’s just got me thinking. When does it go from an epic display of technology to a waste of resources?”

At press time, Musk could be scene pacing back and forth in his office in the early hours of the morning- likely devising another plan to distract the media from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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