“If you want something, go and take it” says Convicted Felon Turned Motivational Speaker

Joe MacDonald poses with the gun he used in a shoot-out with New York City police officers before being arrested in 2006

AUSTIN, TEXAS— In light of today’s trying times, Joe MacDonald, a man who served 14 years for felony larceny and now motivational speaker to Fortune 500 corporations and top universities, wants to remind you that if you really want something, nothing should stop it from being in your possession.

“Even if people don’t think it’s ‘socially acceptable’ to take printer supplies from your company to advertise your kid’s turtle maintenance and services business, don’t listen to them. You need to do what’s best for YOU”

What MacDonald is saying here is that workers commonly apologize when no apology is required, which lowers their perceived confidence in the workplace. Counteracting this behavior by stealing from your place of employment can be a helpful exercise in learning to have more faith in yourself.

“When you’re backed into a corner by a bunch of your colleagues accusing you of stealing from the company, or a bunch of your scientists have decided to revolt against you and your biochemicals operation blows up in your face, it’s up to you and ONLY you to show them who’s boss”

Further to the ex-felon’s salient philosophy for self-confidence, he wants you to know that no matter what your boss accuses you of doing or what the State of New York legally considers “manufacturing bioweapons”.

“I don’t give a flying rat’s hat’s ass if 15 police officers are shooting at you with automatic assault rifles as you drive away in your ’69 Camero with your 4-year-old child, you bought that Roku and your bitch ex-wife has no business polluting your streaming account by favoriting her second-rate shows on it.

Joe is trying to help you realize that there are people out there that will take advantage of you, and most of the time no one is going to stand up for you- you have to be the one to take action. It might seem scary, but once you do it you’ll have earned the respect of your peers and put a bully, like Joe’s ex-wife, in their place!

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