WHO Mulls Burying World Population Underground After Study Shows Coronavirus Can Survive In Air

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND— After a recent study indicated that COVID-19 can survive in air, the leadership team at the World Health Organization (WHO) has been tossing around the concept of putting the entire world’s population underground until the disease has been eradicated from the public.

“Nothing is final right now, and we’re looking at a lot of different options to see how we can avoid the virus given that we now know it can travel through the very air we breathe” said Dr. Jakab, the Deputy Director-General of the WHO.

“I mean, we’re continuing to work with our construction partners to get an estimate of what it might cost to dig a few thousand gigantic bunkers across the world and put everyone under there until the virus is gone,” she continued.

At press time, the leadership team at the WHO was seen eyeballing the number of shovels and strong men it would take to get started while the virus is dormant in millions of people’s bodies.

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