Boeing Silenced Warning Messages From Test Pilots: “This Thing Could Totally Crash”

CHICAGO, IL— In a startling development, the FAA has accused Boeing (NYSE: BA) of silencing comments from its own test pilots about the safety of the now infamous 737 Max airplane, which caused two fatal crashes in under a year’s time.

“Yeah, this baby could totally crash right into the ground,” said an anonymous test pilot over email.

“You wouldn’t even have to try that hard to do it, I mean if I wasn’t paying enough attention and I was flying this thing, I could totally see this thing spiraling into an uncontrollable spin and turning into a firebomb when it touches the ground,” he continued.

A Boeing spokesperson has rejected the accusation that they ignored the test pilots’ comments, and claims that the company is not at fault for the catastrophic failure of one of the systems in the plane that caused the crash.

“We understand that these comments from our test pilots may sounds concerning, however they were taken out of context,” said a spokesperson for Boeing.

“There was truly no way of knowing that this plane would crash, and therefore Boeing should not be at fault for the damages. While we are praying for the victims of these terrible accidents, our company cannot accept responsibility for something that we could have never predicted would happen,” she continued.

At press time, a black van could be seen speeding away from the testing facility in the Boeing industrial park in Chicago.

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