These Companies Are Hiring Like Crazy (Not You) In 2019

There are dozens of hot companies that are hiring hundreds of new employees in 2019, and qualified professionals (definitely not you) should keep them on their radar for the future. The companies below are ready to hire at a moments notice, so don’t let these jobs slip away from your more successful peers!


First up is the Silicon Valley beast: Facebook. Business Outsider analysts counted over 350 new job openings on the company’s website for jobs like Associate Project Manager and Strategic Marketing Specialist. These are excellent opportunities for spry, qualified, and intelligent professionals, so make sure to forward them to your peers that outperformed you academically before they’re all gone.


Up next on the list is Google. We found a staggering 1,205 jobs on the company’s website. Despite the fact that you are not qualified for a single one of these jobs, it would be a great gesture of kindness by you to send a few to your cousin that works at Facebook to see if she’s interested in making a change. Who knows what could happen!


This last company isn’t actually “hiring like crazy” per say, but our analysts felt it was more your speed. Apply online, you never know what they might think- the world is your oyster!

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