Companies Open To Interviewing Applicants With Resumé Gaps As Long As Two Weeks

Due to today’s tight labor market, companies are beginning to be more flexible about interviewing candidates with gaps in their resumés- even as long as two weeks long in some cases.

“I took a huge break in my career after my first job and I was seriously worried about how it would impact my employment prospects,” said 26-year-old marketing and data analytics professional Amita Patel.

“You could say it was irresponsible, but I decided to take an entire two weeks off after quitting my first job to move cities, decompress, and recover from a heart surgery I had scheduled a few months prior. However, I am excited to hear that more employers are accepting the fact that not everyone is perfect,” she said optimistically.

Recruiters at top companies are leading this shift in mindset, which has drastically modified the job application culture for thought-leading companies.

“What we’re saying to candidates is that they don’t need to be worried or nervous about gaps, and that everyone is human,” said a senior engineering recruiter at Google.

“Whether it’s two days, a week, or even two weeks, we don’t care what you were doing and you don’t have to feel ashamed about it. We care about understanding how you can provide value for Google,” she continued.

At press time, an anonymous job seeker in a San Francisco coffee shop could be seen brainstorming ways to justify an eight-year European excursion into the wilderness as a growth experience and shaving his career gap time to just one week.

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