In Leaked Audio, Mark Zuckerberg’s CPU Plays Off Question About Brain-Computer Interface Research

MENLO PARK, CA- In a recent interview with Business Outsider, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s central processing unit played off a pointed question about the company’s research in brain-computer interfaces.

Many academics and politicians have criticized the company for researching and potentially commercializing the human brain, but Facebook has declined to discuss or provide any details on the nature of the research.

“We continue to work on strategic initiatives in innovative areas, wherever our expert team discovers them,” said Mark Zuckerberg’s speaker in an AI-powered and stunningly human-like voice.

“Please ask your next question,” he continued saying as the CPU continued to execute the code and sensory inputs from the world to generate the most appropriate responses in real time.

At press time, Mr. Zuckerberg could be seen rubbing his face on the wall of the conference room and screaming all of his deepest secrets at the top of his lungs, in an apparent bug in his operating system.

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