Trump Burns Through Six Plastic Straws At Climate Change Summit

NEW YORK, NEW YORK— At a recent UN Climate Change summit, in which activists like Greta Thunberg made headlines for their commitment to saving the planet, President Donald Trump was spotted at a luncheon burning through six plastic straws while drinking a single can of Diet Coke.

Eye-witnesses reported that the president would apparently grow dissatisfied with the functionality of his straw after just a few sips, prompting him to toss it aside and opt for a new one.

The mood in the room began to turn sour after eye witnesses confirmed that President Trump requested a plastic cup to pour the remainder of his Diet Coke can into, despite the fact that there was roughly one ounce of liquid remaining.

French President Emmanuel Macron looked on in disgust as he feasted on a 100% sustainable meal consisting of raw soybeans and anchovies.

After the luncheon, sources confirmed that the President deposited all of his waste into a trashcan, in spite of the fact that there was a recycling can located a mere three feet away.

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