Business Outsider Ranked The Top Five Universities Worldwide

There are countless lists of university rankings produced by publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times that use a number of complicated metrics and weighting mechanisms to assign scores to the top colleges. These methods are cumbersome and complex, and often result in seemingly random conclusions about the relative status of top-tier universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and California State University, Long Beach.

Business Outsider’s research team designed a totally revamped strategy to quantify how the top colleges stack up. The team analyzed the number of In-N-Out Burger restaurants within a 50 mile radius of the typical top colleges listed in other studies, and subsequently reordered them based on that number.

5. Harvard University

Coming in dead last, Harvard University isn’t even close to having a single In-N-Out Burger establishment within a 50 mile radius of the campus. In fact, the closest opportunity to order a classic double-double cheeseburger is in Rockwall, Texas- over 1,700 miles away! Perhaps Harvard could redirect some of their endowment funds to provide grants to development an In-N-Out, and improve their disappointing performance on this list.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In a close tie for last, MIT was just one mile closer to the very same Rockwall, Texas location than Harvard, putting the elite college in fourth place on the well-respected and highly reputable Business Outsider college rankings list.

3. California State University, Chico

Finally making it on the board, CSU Chico comes in at number three with a respectable two In-N-Out locations within a 50 mile radius of the university. This makes Chico an attractive option for prospective college students, as Chico students have not one but two options to choose from when the time to eat an In-N-Out hamburger inevitably occurs.

Now that those laggards are out of the way, let’s get to the top two players. These two universities are some of the most prestigious and elite in the world today, thanks to their close proximity to one of the defining eateries of the entire 21st century.

2. California State University, Long Beach

At CSU Long Beach, Business Outsider analysts counted a staggering total of 28 In-N-Out restaurants in just a 50 mile radius. On average, that means that students at this prestigious college have the luxury of being under two miles away from ordering food from the best eatery in the entire universe.

1. California State University, Long Beach, Again

The lead researcher on the team made the executive decision to list CSU Long Beach again for emphasis, further cementing the incredible fact that the sheer number of In-N-Out’s operating in this pristine environment is almost unfathomable.

At press time of this research report, acceptance rates for CSU Long Beach plummeted from 35% to approximately 0.4%.

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