Man Receives Third Rejection From Job He Applied For Two Years Prior

SEATTLE, WA— Excited to see an email from Facebook, an unemployed Seattle-based software engineer opened the “updates” tab on his email client to find a message titled: “Re: Updated On Your Application For Software Engineer II at Facebook”. Recalling that this was a role he had already been rejected for twice, his mind started to race about the possibility of the team at Facebook reconsidering him for the prestigious position.

His heart was beating slightly faster than normal, and he inhaled sharply he opened the message to find that he had yet again been rejected from the position. The email familiarly read:

Hi Jared, thank you for your interest in Facebook. We had a lot of highly qualified candidates for this job and unfortunately were unable to select you at this time.

After reading the email, he strongly considered blocking all future emails from Facebook. However, he ultimately decided against it on the off chance that he did receive an offer from the massive social media company in the future.

At press time, Jared could be seen updating his résumé and opening job application pages he had previously bookmarked from his college years.

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