Ray Dalio’s Advice For New Grads: “Remember To Use The Harvard Alumni Network”

WESTPORT, CT— In his new book Principles for Life and Work, hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio offers a few pieces of salient advice to recent graduates entering the workforce. Perhaps one of the most heavily emphasized statements in the best-selling book was the following:

“There are so many new Harvard graduates that underuse or totally ignore the Harvard alumni network,” said Dalio candidly in chapter two of the book.

“I can’t tell you how much it helped me to reach out to alumni after I graduated from Harvard Business School. I had so many questions about starting a hedge fund, raising money for a hedge fund, recruiting people to join my hedge fund, and searching for people to be on the board of directors to help run my hedge fund. But, the alumni networked helped me fund and scale the operation from day one,” he continued in the book.

Many recent grads said that Dalio’s advice has worked for them.

“I graduated from Harvard Law School in 2017 and was feeling so lost after I had completed the program,” said legal practitioner Ying Xu.

“But, after reading Ray Dalio’s book I decided to reach out to him for advice on how to navigate the cut-throat legal job market, and before I knew it I had joined Ray’s hedge fund as a legal fund associate,” she continued excitedly.

At press time, Dalio could be seen drafting a sequel to Principles with advice on the immense challenges of navigating life after you’ve gained the trust and support of the Harvard alumni network.

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