Nintendo Shares Fall 9% After Offensive Tweet From Animal Crossing’s Isabelle

KYOTO, JAPAN— Nintendo’s (OTC: NTDOY) stock price tanked 9% on Tuesday following an offensive tweet by Animal Crossing’s Isabelle. The tweet takes aim at the new villagers that are rumored to appear in the newest installment of the popular series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This protectionist and potentially racist rhetoric has become more common as new villagers play a larger role in the town and are perceived as a threat by many of the original characters, like Isabelle.

A media and technology analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada following Nintendo said this was a rare opportunity to purchase the stock at a discount.

“This is a great time for investors who are interested in Nintendo stock to buy it, because the underlying fundamentals of the company haven’t changed at all,” he said in an interview with Business Outsider.

Despite the fact that many investors believe this is a compelling opportunity to buy shares on the cheap, some are concerned that Isabelle could continue to hurt Nintendo’s image if she isn’t disciplined for her actions.

“Look, I don’t think the market is overreacting as much as others might,” said a vice president of equity research in California.

“This isn’t a problem that will go away quickly for Nintendo, and personally I see it as a major headwind for the company,” he continued.

Nintendo was seen doing damage control shortly after Twitter lambasted Isabelle for her statement.

“Nintendo would like to emphasize that the opinions expressed by Isabelle or any other Nintendo employee are not reflective of the values of our company and franchises, which are at the center of inclusivity, diversity, and equality,” said a Nintendo spokesman.

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