Brazilian Cattle Absolutely Loving Newly Enlarged Pastures

Pictured: Brazilian cattle grazing on a newly formed landscape

RIO GRANDE DO SUL, BRAZIL— Brazilian cattle are rejoicing due to the sudden increase in grazing area across the country. In just one month, pastoral area has increased roughly 34 percent. This is excellent news for the country’s rapidly growing population of cattle.

Business Outsider reporters conducted an exclusive interview with a bull based in southern Rio Grande do Sul.

“It used to be so cramped around here,” he said, chewing his cud.

“But recently, I don’t know, it’s like I have room to stretch. I haven’t had a second away from my calves in years!”

Another Brazilian bovine, a dairy cow, was likewise excited about the additional room. 

“With all the added space the herd has grown tremendously! There’s so many new cows to meet. The gals and I like to chat while we’re being milked, but not much happens around here so the gossip tends to go stale. I mean how many times does Bess need to remind us that she’s the only known survivor of mad cow? The new faces are a welcome addition to our gang.”

One thing is certain: It’s a great time to be a cow in Brazil.

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