How 5G Will Affect You

The 5G wave will transform the world’s telecommunications infrastructure, and virtually every company is competing for their slice of the microwaveable pie. Here’s a handful of the major ways that 5G is going to affect you.

You can finally start camming

Your dreams of being an internet star can finally be realized. Imagine how easy it’ll be to become a cam boy/girl when you’re able to broadcast yourself performing sexual acts in 4K resolution in real-time.

Impossibly fast internet speeds

4G had a latency of 200 milliseconds (ms), meaning data is delivered to you 200 ms after it’s sent. 5G will have a latency of -150 ms, meaning data will be delivered 150 ms before it’s sent to you!

Home cooking will be a breeze

Cooking in a microwave oven can be obnoxious, but if you’re lucky enough to have 5G in your home, you’ll be able to cook microwavable meals just by placing them near your router.

Transmitters will be everywhere

The smaller waves that 5G runs on means the range of transmitters is greatly reduced. But don’t fret! There are already plans to install transmitters absolutely everywhere. Expect blazing fast internet, and hundreds of internet transmitters peppering your neighborhood!

China will be able to shut down the internet in the event of cyber warfare

This acts an excellent safety net as it will enable China to “reset” the Internet to its former glory in the aftermath of a devastating cyber war.

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