5 Extremely Profitable Companies You Can Start Right Now

It’s a known fact that successful people work on their own companies when they get home from their day jobs. Here are five side-hustles you can start right now with little to no upfront costs!

Ebay Seller

Gather the old stuff around your house and sell it on eBay. If you have children, you’d be surprised how much their old toys can be worth!

Lemonade Stand

To make serious profit out of a lemonade company, you need scale. The trick is to hire the local kids to do the mowing for you while you take the lion’s share of the cash. 

Lawn Mowing

This model works very similarly to the lemonade stand, though you may need to hire a teenager or two to make sure the kids get the job done right. You don’t want the teenagers to hurt the kids, just scare them enough that they really pull their weight.

Realty Agency

To make it in the extremely competitive realty market, you need a gimmick. That’s where your sales team of children comes in. Imagine if an 8-year-old kid tried to sell you a house, would you be able to say no? 


The textile industry is always booming, but profit margins are low, especially without much scale. That’s why you need to go downtown. There, you’ll be sure to find kids that are happy to work for as low as $2 an hour!

Remember this mantra: the younger the worker, the cheaper the product, the higher the profit!

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