5 Things WordPress Could’ve Bought With $3M Instead Of Tumblr

Automattic, WordPress’ parent company, recently acquired the blogging platform Tumblr for $3 million. To put this price in perspective, here’s five fiscally responsible things Automattic could’ve bought with $3 million instead of Tumblr.

13,358,863 Chicken Nuggets

You could have one hell of a party with $3 million dollars worth of chicken nuggets. Automattic blew it all on a blogging platform instead.

One-tenth of a Condo in Singapore

The average price of a luxury condominium in Singapore is roughly $30 million. With $3 million, Automattic could have put a down payment on one of these elegant living spaces and been well on their way to owning it some day. But, they took that $3 million and instead purchased a blogging platform that couldn’t even manage to spell “tumbler” correctly.

A Whole Lot of Coffee Beans

Depending on what sort of deal you could work out with a supplier, the exact number and type of coffee beans one could purchase with $3 million would vary. One thing is for certain is that it would be at least a whole of beans. Who knows what Automattic’s employees could have created after consuming all of this coffee. Perhaps they could have made 4 copies of Tumblr. But, the company took the easy way out and bought one copy of Tumblr instead.

3.4 Times Tumblr’s User Base

Instead of buying Tumblr, Automattic could’ve cut out the middle-man and literally paid Tumblr’s user base a fixed dollar amount to transfer to their own platform, and they would’ve had money left over to buy even more users. Or, they could have spent the surplus funds on a considerable amount of chicken nuggets. The possibilities with $3 million in cash are endless, unless you whiff it on something like Tumblr.

Like 25 or 30 Luxury Sedans, Probably

Business Outsider analysts weren’t sure how many people work for WordPress. But, they could’ve bought 25 to 30 luxury cars for some of their employees as a motivational tool, who may have then been able to build something better than Tumblr in about month or so. But instead, the management team of Automattic decided they didn’t want to treat their hard-working employees to a little reward and instead bought a blog with roughly 12 users and thousands of bots.

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