Discovery Channel Wins Big With Hit New Show: “Toddlers Alone In The Wilderness”


SILVER SPRING, MD— Discovery Channel on Tuesday revealed record ratings this quarter due to their wildly popular show, “Toddlers alone in the wilderness”.

The show takes the survival reality genre to the next level by dropping contestants in various wilderness environments with nothing but a tarp, a knife, and 10 to 24 months of life experience.

“Honestly I couldn’t be more proud of my baby Cassie,” said Sgt. Harvey Wilkins who’s 16-month-old braved the Alaskan tundra in episode three of Toddlers. When asked how he responds to criticism from other parents, he remarked: “I’ve gotten a lot a flack, but I bet their kids don’t know how to treat themselves for frostbite!”

Despite the criticism, the show has generated a historic following in just one season.

“The survival show market is really saturated right now, but Toddlers Alone In The Wilderness has done an amazing job standing out among the pack,” said one fan. “You never know what’s gonna happen! I was really rooting for Jimmy from episode five because he could actually stand up and walk around reasonably well, but evidently nature is a cruel beast,” he continued, slowly shaking his head.

The show’s success has spawned a new age of extreme survival shows across multiple networks. Look out for shows such as ABC’s “Wilderness Dialysis”, History’s “Quadriplegics in the Deserts of Egypt” and Fox’s “Naked, Alone, and Decapitated”.

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