Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Will Have 2 to 3 Exchange Rate With FarmVille Bucks

MENLO PARK, CA— Facebook executives working on the the company’s new cryptocurrency Libra announced today that the token will be launched at 1.5 times the value of a single FarmVille Buck. This is a major boon to long-time investors in FarmVille Bucks, as they will now be able to diversify their assets into Libra and dollars.

“This is just amazing news,” said 42-year-old Gregory Martin, who has been unemployed since he started playing FarmVille shortly after the game’s inception in 2009. Gregory disclosed to Business Outsider reporters that he holds over 165 million FarmVille Bucks.

“All of my friends stopped playing after a few years and made fun of me when I didn’t stop playing, but who’s laughing now? I have all of their bucks, they just outright gave them to me, the fools.”

The manager of the Libra project said that this decision was made in order to stabilize the crypto’s price against existing assets.

“FarmVille Bucks have been around for almost a decade now, and we hope by pegging the value of Libra to this beloved and stable asset, we will be able to minimize the volatility of Libra once it is launched in Q3 2020,” the project manager explained.

The launch of the currency is sure to be volatile as investors in FarmVille Bucks attempt to liquidate their holdings into Libra and other assets outside of the game.

At press time, the daily active users on the FarmVille platform had spiked over 14,000% as previous players rejoined the game looking to convert their digital assets to Libra.

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