Data Scientist’s Most Frequently Used Tool Is Powerpoint

AUSTIN, TX— A local data scientist recently interviewed by Business Outsider reporters found that the most popular tool used by the 24 year-old is Microsoft Powerpoint.

The employee who wished to remain anonymous had spent seven years pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science and an advanced degree in data science specializing in cutting-edge dimensional reduction techniques for large, complex data sets. Now, his major responsibility at his first job out of academia is building engaging presentations for both internal and external use cases.

“On occasion I’ll get to use Python or a similar tool to crunch some data,” said the pessimistic employee of an oil and gas data analytics startup headquartered just outside of Austin.

“But- yeah, I’d say the majority of my time is spent formatting presentations for our customers and building reports for our management team,” he continued saying without emotion.

The new graduate also has five figures of student debt.

“On the bright said, I guess now I can beautifully graph in Powerpoint how many years it will likely take me to pay it all off.”

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