SpaceX Slashes Space Travel Price From $50M to $49M For A Limited Time

VANDENBERG, CA— SpaceX recently announced that they will be temporary slashing the price to travel to space from $50 million to $49 million. This is an incredibly rare opportunity for those considering traveling to space, as they can save over 2% on their overall purchase until August 31st.

“I’m not one to jump on discounts and deals because they make me suspicious of the quality of the service,” said diehard space enthusiast and entrepreneur Jane Ellsworth.

“Although this is an exception because I’ve always wanted to go to space, and saving a little bit of money is always a nice plus,” she continued.

However, others are skeptical and believe the prices could come down even more.

“I’m going to wait until they announce one more cut to the price. You’ll typically see that sort of strategy whenever a business puts their products on sale,” said savvy purchaser and barista Joe Williams.

“I’m going to hold off until they come down to at least $50, which shouldn’t be far from today based on the rate they’re cutting the retail price,” he speculated.

At press time, Joe was carefully watching an infomercial produced by SpaceX advertising the price cut and dialing the number on-screen to secure his ticket to space.

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