Startup Raises $100M To Democratize Supply Chains Or Real Estate Or Some Shit

Real estate, along with numerous other industries, are huge markets that are apparently ripe for disruption and democratization

SEATTLE, WA— A Seattle startup recently raised $100M to democratize supply chains or something like that. It might have been focused on real estate or tangentially having to do with agriculture or small business lending. Business Outsider got an exclusive interview with the two founders of the company, who are both MIT or Stanford engineering graduates, or they could have been from one of those other schools.

The CEO of the company was excited about the fresh capital, reporters covering the story presume.

“This is a pivotal moment for us,” said the CEO, or something to that general effect.

What makes this startup different? The chief technologist of the company had a seemingly strong explanation. The company also includes machine learning as a core competency in their product offering- a compelling and bold proposition.

The startup is also founded in Seattle, which makes it a compelling investment for multiple reasons, ostensibly having to do with macroeconomics and venture capital financing trends.

At press time, the founders of the company were in a heated debate over the strategic positioning of their next Medium article.

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