Drug Dealers Increase Transparency Of Meth Supply Chain With Blockchain

Crime syndicates across the world are adopting blockchain technologies to become more efficient and deliver more value to their customers

TIJUANA, MEXICO— An anonymous group of drug dealers announced that they’ve deployed a new blockchain-based supply chain solution to enhance the transparency of their delivery logistics and optimize their entire operation.

“Blockchain technology is fantastic. It ensures that all transactions happen seamlessly without anyone getting squirrelly or trying anything they’d ultimately regret, you feel me?” said the leader of the anonymous organized crime syndicate.

“This technology enables our team focus on the core of our business, which is of course selling ice and coercing vulnerable communities into working with us to grow our presence in both EMEA and APAC,” he continued while weighing and packaging fresh crank into the inside of a truck tire.

The impact of the platform has happened instantaneously across the organization due to its massive scalability.

“What I find most exciting about the new blockchain solution is that we can codify the outcomes of our transactions using smart contracts,” said a syndicate distribution manager responsible for product transaction and delivery.

“For example if our product doesn’t get to the right hands, because of the technology’s nature as a distributed and decentralized permissionless ledger, I know exactly which delivery person tried to up and steal our product,” he continued while loading an automatic weapon.

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