NASA’s Curiosity Detects Low Levels Of Humanity On Mars, Suggesting Possibility Of Life

MARS— NASA’s Curiosity Rover recently detected extremely low levels of humanity on Mars which suggests a high probability of life on Mars, according to NASA scientists.

“This is a truly unprecedented reading from Curiosity,” said NASA controls engineer Steve McMaster excitedly.

“Based on historical readings across various areas on Earth and Mars, we’ve noticed a strong negative correlation between the presence of human life and the presence of any other life in a given area,” explained a NASA data scientist. “Essentially what this means is that wherever humans exist, all other types of life cease to exist, and vice versa,” he continued.

“The fact that Curiosity is giving us readings of virtually zero humans on Mars would suggest a high probability that other forms of life would be able to sustain themselves, which is of course very exciting to everyone at NASA working on Mars missions.”

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