Google Launches Censored Search Engine In China With One Possible Search Result: A Picture Of Xi Jinping

Pictured: the photo of Xi Jinping that will be shown when users of Chinese Google search a term

BEIJING, CHINA— In a landmark deal, Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has successfully negotiated terms with the Chinese government on a censored search engine. It is planned to be deployed to over one billion people in the country by the second half of 2020.

“This is truly a historic moment for the entire world,” announced Google chief executive Sundar Pichai in a recent press conference.

“I am so excited to say that senior leaders at Google and China have finally come to agreeable terms on a search engine which doesn’t compromise the fundamental values of the United States or China,” he continued.

Google has previously been criticized for censoring search results, which could be seen as counter to the U.S. fundamental right to free press. “We’re excited to finally bring Google to China in a modified form, where any citizen of China will be able to view a photo of Xi Jinping at any time when they search a term into Google,” asserted Pichai excitedly.

So what’s the difference between standard Google search engine and the Chinese one? Business Outsider met with the chief engineer behind the modified engine in an exclusive interview to find out.

“When users in China search any term like ‘European art’ or ‘vegetables’, instead of showing millions of results associated with that term, a single photo of Xi Jinping will be displayed in all cases,” said the technologist.

Google’s stock was up roughly 4% in after-hours trading after the announcement.

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