Drone Startup Launches Service To Rip Out And Sell Your Organs To Hospitals

Pictured: a prototype of the organ-harvesting drone

BOSTON, MA— Drone startup OrganFly, founded by two MIT graduate students, has announced a pilot program in which organs will be extracted from near-death participants and delivered to hospitals where they can be used as transplants for those in urgent need of a heart, lung, or kidney. “Our broader vision for the company would be to have the drones on standby until someone dies or is about to die, and then fly in and rip out the person’s organs before they are unusable in surgeries,” said Larry McGregor, an OrganFly cofounder and aerospace engineering graduate student. “Right now it’s a nascent market, but we believe the growth potential is huge. Our business model is simple, which is selling organs to hospitals and insurance companies. We can command a high price for hearts and lungs especially, because there are usually none available on the market other than ours,” he continued excitedly. OrganFly also plans to enter the living persons market eventually, where the drones would kill and rip out extra organs of healthy people and service the hospital markets even more effectively. OrganFly has raised $15M to date and is valued at $100M.

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