Elon Musk Cuts Off Wall Street Analyst To Take Questions From Ouija Board

Pictured: a ouija board commonly used to communicate with spirits

After a previous earnings call where Elon Musk cut off a Bernstein equity analyst and instead took questions from a fan via Youtube, the chief executive has again frustrated investors by taking questions from a ouija board on Tesla’s most recent earnings call. “That’s it- just stop. These questions are so dry my lips are getting chapped. We’re going to the ouija board,” he said in frustration after a Morgan Stanley analyst asked him about Model 3 production levels and where he expects the growth rate to trend next quarter. Then, Musk lit ceremonial summoning candles and broadcasted a Tesla-branded ouija board to the earnings call stream and posed a question. “Oh spirits, do you have any questions about Tesla that you would like answered?” he said in a ceremonial, monotone voice with his eyes closed. Then, the planchette controlled solely by Elon moved slowly over the following letters: “NO”. Elon then concluded the earnings call early and caused another tidal wave of commotion in the investing community. “Well, it looks like the spirits have no questions, so I think we’ll just call it at that,” he said shortly before slamming the door to the conference room.

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