Little-known Strategies Top Executives Employ To Avoid Burnout

The World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as a type of stress originating from an intense workplace or job. Burnout can be a major detriment to employee performance and job satisfaction, and costs businesses millions of dollars annually. Business Outsider catalogued the strategies that industry leaders use to avoid this newly recognized syndrome. Let’s dive right in.

Hire Someone To Burnout For You

Burnout is most common among employees that do menial or unrecognized (yet important) tasks. Many of the executives we spoke with indicated that to avoid burnout, they hire people to do these tasks for them. A simple, yet effective solution!

Take A Second Or Third Job To Stay Busy

Ironically, burnout can emerge hand-in-hand with lower productivity and boredom. What’s the best cure for boredom? Staying busy! Over 95% of the business executives we met with said that when they sense a bout of burnout coming on, they’ll take on one or even two additional jobs or projects to revitalize their perspective on work.

Increasing Cocaine Usage From Once A Day To Twice A Day

Because of the high intensity of executive roles, cocaine use is common in the workplace. By increasing cocaine intake from once a day to twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon), you can maintain a high level of alert and keep the day’s work interesting.

Adopt A Child

A surefire solution to curbing burnout is to adopt a child. Burnout can lead to malaise, low productivity, and even depression. By adding a young life into your world, you can reinvigorate your work with a new sense of purpose and responsibility.

Lobby The World Health Organization To Render Burnout Syndrome As Illegitimate

If all else fails, by lobbying the World Health Organization you might be able to remove burnout syndrome from their official list of diseases. By removing its credibility and recognition, no one will talk about burnout and it will be gone forever. Problem solved!

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