Google Categorically Denies Claims Of Using AI To Help Government Kill, Admits It Would Be Pretty Badass

Artificial intelligence is now being commercialized at scale by the largest corporations in the world, and now the U.S. Government wants to use it for counterterrorist activities

WASHINGTON— Months after Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) employees spoke out in protest against their own company for considering a Pentagon contract that would involve strategies in which AI could be used in counterterrorist activities like drone target identification (read: killer AI), chief executive Sundar Pinchai has admitted that doing so would be probably the most badass thing you could use the hot technology for. “I don’t think anyone is denying the totally obvious fact that using artificial intelligence to kill would be hardcore and totally bitchin’,” the CEO said excitedly. “That being said, I can assure to all of our stakeholders that Google is fundamentally against using AI for such purposes and we continue to use software to help push society towards a safer tomorrow.”

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