Everything To Watch For At Apple WWDC 2019

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA— Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is on June 3rd. Customers, investors, and developers will be watching closely to see how Apple plans to address ongoing concerns related to user privacy and anti-competitive criticisms from competitors, the public, and the government. Everyone will also be waiting for details on Apple’s highly anticipated innovations on existing devices and operating systems. Here are the key things to watch for at WWDC 2019.

Tim Cook Might Shotgun An Entire Beer

It’s been rumored that Tim Cook was dared by Apple’s board of directors to shotgun an entire Coors Light on stage. This would be a huge accomplishment for the chief executive of the company, and there is certainly a lot of buzz around what remains a rumor until the event.

The Ceremonial Burning Of Bill Gate’s Effigy

As is tradition at every WWDC ever held, it concludes with the burning of Bill Gate’s effigy to remind every Apple developer and customer who the real enemy is. It is still unknown, however, whether or not the sculpture will be constructed with Microsoft equipment or another material this year.

Free Mouse Pads Might Be Thrown Into Audience Of Developers

Apple has been facing criticism for its App Store recently, and the developer outrage is not unfounded. The company has selectively removed companies from its App Store that compete with Apple’s own native applications citing privacy concerns as the rationale, in what was likely a move to reduce competition for its own apps. With developers angry at the company, Tim may throw a few mouse pads into the crowd to quash this frustration.

iOS 13

There are likely to be many new updates coming to iOS13 including the Health and Mail applications. The health application may now allow users to correlate their happiness levels to the frequency with which they purchase Apple products. For example, the health app may send a notification like, “It looks like you haven’t purchased an Apple application or service lately. Purchase one now to boost your health levels.”

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