WeWork Expands To Homeless Market With Collaborative Tent Cities

CHELSEA, NY— White-hot startup WeWork is entering yet another market to sell their community-based workplace services. The company, which recently rebranded to The We Company, has launched everything from co-working spaces to living spaces to private schools. Now, WeWork has its sights set on the countless tent cities across the California coast. The new offering will feature lightning-fast wifi, fresh breakfast and imported liqueurs prepared daily, and modular tents that are totally flexible based on the tenant’s preferences.

“The tent city ecosystem is a truly untapped market,” said WeWork CEO Adam Neumann at a technology forum shortly after the announcement went public. “Tent cities have many unique problems that we haven’t faced yet, and we’re excited to tackle them. What’s even more exciting is that WeWork’s continued expansion in urban and corporate markets will create even more tent cities and homelessness, which we can then service. It’s a virtuous cycle!”

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