Top Strategies To Beat Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is an increasingly common debility among new employees who regularly fear they’ll be “found out” or “discovered” by their colleagues for not possessing the skills that someone in their job function is expected to have. Most of the time these fears are completely unfounded. Here are Business Outsider’s top strategies you can utilize to overcome this common fear and get back to doing what you love.

Stop Being An Imposter

The first and easiest way to quickly beat imposter syndrome is to ask yourself: “Have I been posing as someone with skills and competencies that I don’t actually have?” If you answered yes to that question, then quit that job you imposter! Stop posing as someone you’re not, you liar!

Prepare For The Inevitable Day That You’re Found Out

People suffering from imposter syndrome typically have a lower productivity level because they spend so much time worrying about being discovered. By sitting down and preparing a comprehensive plan to address when your coworkers inevitably conspire and attempt to expose you, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that when the day comes you will be ready to go.

Preemptively Select A Scapegoat To Redirect Any Outrage Against You

Imposter syndrome is so common that there’s likely to be another person in your office suffering from it as well. Identify that person and gain their trust. Confide in them about your common feelings of insecurity and become their friend. Then, when you are targeted by the office for being an imposter, you can quickly redirect any outrage and attempts to expose you towards them.

Quit Any Interests, Hobbies, Or Passion Projects You Have Outside Of Work

Nothing says “I’m a fraudulent imposter hiding behind a thin veil of lies” then having hobbies outside of work. By dropping any interests that could potentially distract you from work, you’ll stay completely off the radar of the secret team that targets and attempts to expose imposters in your office.

With these strategies under your belt, you’ll beat imposter syndrome in no time!

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