New Startup Developing Platform Which Democratizes Ability To Democratize

PORTLAND, OR— A new Portland-based startup has recently raised $15M in a Series A financing round to democratize the ability to democratize services. Many new startups are building software platforms to offer products and services to the average individual that would have otherwise not been available to them. However, this new company took the idea of democratization to a whole new level. “There have just been countless startups popping up recently that are democratizing services, from markets like private investing to book publishing. Everyone here at loves the idea of democratization, but we felt that it wasn’t fair that only a select few have the ability and resources to create a startup and democratize a service. That’s where we come in,” said the chief executive of the company in a recent press release. “Our platform seamlessly enables users to choose any product or service, incorporate a business, and create a custom mission statement with our proprietary ‘mission statement generator’ algorithm,” he continued.

The platform has already attracted over 16 million monthly active users since its launch, and its growth shows no signs of decelerating. “I love, it has totally changed my life. I’ve always wanted to democratize the ability to enable anyone to build a platform that would allow users to democratize the service of their choice, and has helped get my platform off the ground quickly and at an incredibly low cost,” said early adopter Ken McCarthy with excitement.

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