Amazon Announces Same-Day Delivery Service For Products You Haven’t Even Ordered Yet

Amazon has experienced explosive growth across several verticals from cloud computing to grocery delivery to online streaming via their subsidiary,

SEATTLE, WA— In yet another advancement in delivery service speeds, tech giant and online retail behemoth Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced a new same-day delivery service which delivers products that you haven’t even ordered yet straight to your doorstep.

How does this innovative service work? The company uses harvested data and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to predict with 99.7% accuracy when you are about to purchase a product from Amazon. Then, it places the order for you and sends you a notification via a smart device and delivers the product to you the same day.

“This saves the consumer the hassle of having to browse Amazon’s vast array of products, and lets our software do the legwork of selecting and placing the order,” said the CTO of Amazon excitedly, who spearheaded the project. “We hope this enables consumers to waste less time actually shopping on Amazon, and more time with the things and people they care about.”

Amazon stock is up roughly 18% year-to-date.

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